Ending the Silence

 "Ending the Silence," or ETS, is a FREE presentation that NAMI offers to middle and high school students around erasing the stigma of mental illness, reaching out for help, advocating for their friends and for themselves and teaching them that they are not alone and that help is available to them. 

We really believe that by having conversations like this one at the middle and high school level, we can work together on shattering the stigma around asking for help, and encouraging students to pay more attention to their own hearts and minds, as well as the hearts and minds of their peers.

This presentation is done by a team of 2 people, one being a young person who shares their story of their own mental health journey. This is such a powerful and compelling experience for the students because they get to hear from people who they actually may be able to relate to!

If you have any further questions or if you feel that your students could benefit from this free program and would like to schedule a time for us to bring “Ending the Silence” to your school/program.organization, feel free to send an email to our ETS Coordinator at, NAMIBeccaLaneETS@gmail.com

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